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Thread: A little work around for CRM Linux

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    Default A little work around for CRM Linux

    I finally updated my ubuntu os to 11.10 and CRM would not start, i quickly jumped into the terminal to see if mono would spit out any errors and it turns out mono 2.10 uses the 4.0 runtime, it should be a quick fix for Ty to recompile with runtime 4.0 but until then anyone having trouble with CRM can, as an example open the terminal and type "mono --runtime=v4.0 /Desktop/ComicReaderMobi.exe" (without quotes) and the location being where ever you unpacked CRM

    edit: it must be the lack of sleep, the 8 cans of red bull, or the stress of editing video at 1am knowing it needs to be done by 7am (HUGE PROCRASTINATOR HERE) but it occured to just open the script and add --runtime=v4.0 after mono and save so it should look like

    exec mono --runtime=v4.0 "ComicReaderMobi.exe" "$@"
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    Oh, thanks for the heads up. I didn't realise the runtime had to specified for mono.

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